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Helping organisations achieve success
through their people.

resolute, putting your company first.

At resolute we believe in transforming businesses by investing time in the people at it's heart.

Our business transformation programmes have been designed with two primary commitments:


To co-join with existing leadership teams, as an ‘invisible guide’ to deploy flexible, agile, and transformative ways to help develop and deliver authentic people, whilst driving growth and sustainability.


To ensure employees are focused on purpose and well-being, feel engaged and aligned with business needs with their development linked to the overall corporate goals.


Have you unlocked the true                          of your people and your organisation?

Does your organisation have a purpose? Can your people explain how their role aligns with that purpose? Are your people engaged enough to give the discretionary effort required to succeed today?

If you answered 'No':

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Sometimes we all need a helping hand, and at Resolute we care about your company as much as our own. Resolute is here to deliver the support you need to confidently answer ‘YES’ in the future. Our expert team of Resolute Executive Directors (RED's) are here to assist you to future proof your organisation and grow your talent to it's full potential. Get in touch to find out more about our business transformation programmes and how we can help you.

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If you answered 'Yes':

It is good news that your business is in great shape and you're investing in your people. And yet somehow you have made it to our page. Do you have a little niggle or wonder if you can be doing something better for your business? If this sounds like you, get in touch for an informal chat with one of our expert team of Resolute Executive Directors (RED's) to see if there is anything we could do to help your business take that little step further to excellence.

Our Values



built on



Activating and delivering, ‘practical’ and measurable PURPOSE.


WISDOM from experience and deep understanding of the market.


EMPATHY from listening and understanding.



enabling an agile approach.


Resolute unlocks: Practical and measurable purpose. Values, ethics, and behaviours.

Clear content and communication. Engaged and motivated people. Sustainable profit

and performance. Trust and legacy.

Admirably purposeful, constant, and loyal.  Engage & activate your leadership.

Our Vision

To lift the boundaries of human centric recruitment and engagement. Inspiring those

we partner with to advance their teams, their culture, and their output, creating a legacy for us all.

Meet the team

unnamed (1).jpg

Jen Royall

Founder (royall & resolute)

unnamed (5).jpg

Mike Royall

Commercial and Finance Lead

unnamed (4).jpg

Karen Wilkins

Development Lead


Susan Tarver

Talent Lead

(Managing Director royall)

unnamed (2).jpg

Joanne Shaw

Client/Project Lead

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 Dave Sargent CEO, Global Live Experiences.

This enhanced leadership and plan will take your business to the next level of growth.  I have been working with the ‘resolute’ model and executive directors and am BLOWN away with the commitment of their enthusiasm and work ethic presented for our business.  I feel blessed by their combined extensive experience in the creative communications sector and their academic and strategic talent. I am fortunate in a short space of time, that resolute have had presented an ‘Our Plan’ which delivers a new sense of clarity for re-setting new values, respect trust and behaviours.  Activating operational and measurable purpose, to engage our people and communicate openly with all our stakeholders, evolve what we do, and exceed client’s expectations. I am so impressed by their intuitive, digital, and transformative ways.  Their guidance, tools, and processes are proven with very trusted people.  There is a tremendous sense of excitement in our team,  creating respect and motivation into our infrastructure.  I am confident they will resonate with our client’s goals, in a transparent approach, which is inbuilt with integrity.  A resolute company to be trusted, valued and to partner with for the long term. You are in safe hands to build the future your company and people deserve, with this unique and vanguard leadership offering, which ultimately has the knowledge and the ‘knowing’ for the best route to success

Cheerful Woman with Glasses

Sally, Finance

“For me personally today, I think it’s been a really great, positive day, and feels like real progress is being made on getting good systems and plans in place…long may it continue!!

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